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I'm a 20 something music teacher, my husband is finishing grad school, and after being married for 4 months we found out we were having a baby. I hope we're ready for this!
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14 Literary Posters That Turn Famous Authors’ Words Into Art
Katherine Brooks,

Who doesn’t love a good literature-meets-graphic-design project?

We came across the work of Obvi­ous State’s Evan Robert­son last year when he debuted his series of clever lit­er­ary posters based on the words of authors like Ernest Hem­ing­way …

I think sometime we need to be reminded that it’s ok to be who we are right now. I often find myself thinking about what’s next. Is it time for another kid? Should I look for another career? Where will we be in 5 year? I’m also constantly comparing myself to everyone else around me. I don’t know if it’s the epidemic of the facebook plague that forces us to obsessively see everyone elses success plastered all over the internet, or if it’s just simple human nature.

The other day my best friend Nicki posted this article “Ten Lessons Everyone Learns in Their 20’s” ( We are best freinds who live life at 28 in complete juxtaposition. She’s single, I’m married. She is going back to school, I teach at a school. She has an iPhone, I have a baby. We have accomplished two very different lives in the time we have spent here on earth.

Thinking back on my 20 somethings I realize it was the first time I felt the freedom to go do whatever the hell I wanted! While some of my choices may have been far less than intelligent it was part of the journey. I chose to get married, and sort of chose to have a baby :) I chose to move to suburbia and get a dog. It’s OK. It’s ok that my path took me to a different place than it took Nicki, or Max, or Adam, or Annie, or any of my friends. I cannot look at any one of my friends and say, “They did it right.” We all have done right. We are all right where we need to be, and if we’re not then we are working on it.


13 The Most Cool And Wacky Bedrooms Ever

Start­ing at child­hood we dream about cool bed­rooms and some­times we even get them. Here are 13 the most cool and wacky bed­rooms we could find around the inter­net. You’ll see every­thing from dream-like the­mat­ic kids rooms to great roman­ti…

I feel like the person living in this bedroom might develop strange ocd tendencies.

I love Spring.  It’s such an exciting time of year.  Everything changes.  

My baby girl is 9 months old, soon to be 10!  She crawls, she has 2 teeth, she can copy my faces, she eats real food, she can clap, and point, and laugh, and cry really loud.  She likes some things, but doesn’t like others.  It’s mind blowing.  

Here are some lovely little pictures of my sweet “munch” as we like to call her. 

Easter 2012

It’s short, but this is the first time I saw you crawl.  Yesterday at after school play practice, on stage no less!  The girls gave you a round of applause!  

That I want to name my second child Raven if she is a girl?

P.S.  My daughters name is Phoenix.

P.P.S No I’m not pregnant.

It’s amazing what  few hours of free time can do for you!  My husband and I went on a hike yesterday (sans baby).  It’s been awhile!

When I was pregnant we used to talk about how important it would be to make time for us.  We talked about how we would go on dates at least once a month, plan personal alone time….it’s clear we really had no idea the effects of babies on personal lives.  

After yesterday I was reminded of how important it really is to take time to reconnect with Andrew.  Even if it is for only a few hours.  And, as spontaneous as I would love to think I am, we really do need to put date nights on the calendar!  Otherwise Friday night rolls around and the couch is not only calling my name, it’s gravitational pull is so strong that no amount of chocolates, wine, or romance could break through. 

Planning in general is important.  There are so many things we need to get done on our house and in our personal lives that I thought it would be a good idea to sit down with the calendar and start mapping some of these things out.  So, today Andrew and I planned out all of the work that needs to be done on the house, booked 4 trips we would like to take, and set a “move by” date for our big move out of town.  I feel like we might actually get to do the things we want to this year!  It’s exciting!  

So, here’s to date nights, camping trips, home improvement, and moving on up!